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Raise more money with social fundraisers

Motivation Social Fundraising

Peer-to-peer Social Fundraising

Turn your supporters into fundraisers in just few minutes and extend your reach of donors

White label solution

Why choose a third party crowdfunding platform and share your fundraisers with other NGOs when you can have your own. With Aidbuilder’s white label platform you grow your own database of powerful digital ambassadors. You are the owner of all data and receive all donations directly on your account.

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  • Your graphic design

  • Your domain name (i.e.

  • Your email domain

  • Your Payment Service Provider

  • Your name on donors bank receipt

  • Ownership of all user data

  • Excel, CSV, Web Service

  • Google Analytics and E-commerce

  • Facebook Insight

  • High level of customization

  • Clear communication between you and your supporters (no third party brand)

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Increase awareness with a fully branded platform

We provide a 100% white label platform with no link to any other brands. A fully branded platform contains your domain name, your graphical identity, your PSP account and much more.
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All donations are directly transferred to your account

We integrate our platform with your existing PSP account. Not only will you have full control of all your donations but you will also ensure that your brand will appear on donors bank receipt.
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Grow your own base of fundraisers and donors

Start now and see your base grow every day. Providing a dedicated platform gives you 100% ownership of all stakeholder data. Chose how you want to receive your data: via web service, customized CSV file or simply just excel sheet.
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Increase your reach with latest web technology

We live in a multi-device world, where customers alternate between smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops throughout their day. Aidbuilders Responsive Web Platform improves effectiveness by reaching your audience across multiple devices using HTML5 and CSS3.
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Amazing new tools free of charge

We constantly improve our platform free of charge so your fundraisers stay best in class. Our multichannel platform will help you have a presence in the social communities that your supporters enjoy using today and in future! On smartphones, tablets and new fast-growing social networks.
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Minimum investment – maximum impact

Create unlimited online campaigns free of charge and let your supporters share your causes and raise money using their creativity and networks. This way you will increase donations and reduce ad spending.



Aidbuilder's functional structure

    Frontpage with an overview of causes/campaigns and total result.


    Campaign site with information about the selected cause and overview of top fundraisers.


    Personal fundraising page

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